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"One of my VPs came up to me in a meeting and said 'I can tell a difference in your pronunciation.' after only the fifth class of accent reduction."

Fang Wang - Chinese Speaker

"I was able to see the difference in my English pronunciation within the first few classes. I was no longer repeating the same sentence multiple times as every one started understanding my accent better. As a frequent traveler I am now able to engage confidently in conversations with co-passengers. I even found that the IVR systems started understanding my accent!!! While I can't say if the IVR systems got better, I can definitely say that G.E.T. English Training's coaching has made me better."
Indian Speaker - Telecommunications Industry

"I have lived in the United States for twenty years. I took two other pronunciation courses but they didn't work. We only practiced sounds. Ms. Yates taught me how to sound and move like an English speaker. My co-workers have already commented on the change in my accent. I recommend this class to anyone who wants to be understood better."
Emergency Room Doctor, Parkland Hospital

"Karen Yates and her sixteen students, all employees of JPMorgan Investor Services, felt that this learning was so important that they were willing to hold classes twice a week for three hours per night after work for eight weeks. These sessions were very interactive as Karen utilized linguistic mimicry and accent reduction techniques to train the students to mimic American speech rhythm and body language.

I know from the evaluations as well as from conversations with the students that they could see improvement each week, and they loved working with Karen. By the end of the eight weeks, they felt more confident in their pronunciation skills and in their ability to communicate more clearly with their peers.

A year later, Karen's students are still telling me in the hallways and elevators how much she and the class meant to them."
Learning and Development Consultant, JP Morgan Investment Services

"In only a few weeks, I can tell that my pronunciation of American English has changed and improved. I have a lot of confidence in speaking to my American co-workers."
Chinese Speaker, Johnson and Johnson

"I like the pronunciation training, it has been really helpful to me. I would like to recommend this class to foreign students. It helped my pronunciation in many ways, for example, at work I can speak to anyone. I do not feel frustrated anymore. THANKS to Karen Yates!!
Spanish Speaker, Frito Lay

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G.E.T. English Training was created in 2006 to provide quality accent and English training to business and medical professionals. We currently train individuals from around the world on-site, in our offices and live internet training via WebEx™.