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March, 2010 - The Texas Catholic
With speech lessons, international priests take new tone (pdf)
by Jeff Miller

November, 2008 - Dallas Morning News
Language pros help foreign doctors speak English more clearly.
by Jason Roberson

May, 2008
Global English Training changes name to G.E.T. ENGLISH TRAINING
by Julie Ratcliff
Company plans to use new name to distinguish itself from competitors and has filed for a trademark to safeguard appellation.

October, 2007 - National Public Radio (NPR)
Foreign Priests Get Help Preaching in English
Morning Edition, October 9, 2007
The American Catholic Church has long relied on priests from abroad to fill the vacancies caused by the dwindling number of U.S.-born priests. But American parishioners often have trouble understanding the priests' foreign accents. Now a program in Texas is helping priests preach with their pronunciation. Meagan Cockram, a teacher with G.E.T. English Training, discusses the program with Deborah Amos.

September, 2007 - Dallas CEO Magazine
Loud and Clear
by Lindsey Bryant
Karen Yates helps cut out confusion for non-native speakers.

August, 2007 - On the Edge Newsletter
Accent Modification Training: An Overlooked Benefit for Foreign Nationals
Expat Edge interviews Karen Yates

June, 2007 - Dallas Morning News
Classes Preach Pronunciation to Foreign Born Priests
by: Wendy Hundley
Dallas Catholic Diocese reports great success with priests' English pronunciation training from G.E.T. English Training.

July, 2006 - Dallas Business Journal
Two Minutes With Karen Yates
President, G.E.T. English Training

by: Conrad Wilson
Karen Yates, president and owner of G.E.T. English Training, works with students and professionals whose native language isn't English and who have accents that make them difficult to understand.

June, 2006 - Dallas Morning News  
'Yada, yada, yada,' just like an American
by: Cheryl Hall
G.E.T. English Training offers Accent Reduction courses and Linguistic Mimicry training using characters from "Seinfeld" to individuals and corporations.

October, 2006 - Texas Catholic Magazine
"A World of Gifts"
by: Debra Hampton
G.E.T. English Training offers Accent Reduction courses to foreign priests at the Dallas Catholic Diocese.

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